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Sustainability & Strategy Area


Our concern for the social contribution to the construction of a better world for future generations, derives in the empowerment of our entire professional team in advising and consulting our clients in the orientation of their companies towards a compatible and complementary vision between the achievement and maintenance of economic profitability and the environmental and social sustainability of their business.

The professional approach and recommendations to our clients in this area, are aimed to combining the economic, environmental and corporate social performance of their companies with the creation, development and consolidation of future business opportunities.


In the area of sustainability we have a multidisciplinary professional team specialized in the preparation of Non-Financial Information States (EINF), regulatory compliance plans and equality plans. Our team advice clients in their definition, development and implementation, beyond mere legal compliance, to achieve effective and effective return in terms of achieving the results and projection of the image and corporate institutional reputation, essential aspects and high-value differentials against investors, customers, suppliers, employees and talent in general, as well as society in its broadest sense.

The strategy and its implementation at all levels of the organization, allows to realize and improve sustainable corporate performance. Our professional team has large experience in the field, putting it in value and serving the objectives of our clients, both in the definition and implementation of management indicators and dashboards, as well as in the preparation of commercial reports and sector analysis, business plans and campaigns and business and strategic plans, aimed to identify and manage risks and opportunities for improvement and forecasting and future business projection.



Non-financial information statements and corporate social responsibility and sustainability reports.

Management indicators and dashboards.

Commercial and sector analysis reports.

Plans and commercial campaigns.

Business and strategic plans.

Review and evaluation of internal and organizational controls.

Equality plans.

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